2020 for the Digital Transformation Programme

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There’s no denying that this year has had challenges. Challenges that we have had to adapt and overcome, both quickly and in ways that we’d hardly explored – but this year has also been a time for tremendous growth, teamwork and strength. The Digital team have worked together throughout the year and have achieved a range of brilliant successes – so we wanted to share some of our highlights to end the year on a positive note.


Spring was a busy season for us, we had unexpected COVID response projects that required a shift in our work as we know it. This included introducing video consultations through accuRx and setting up all our staff on using MS Teams for meetings, and for some services helping them deliver virtual training and even trust-wide events.

We highlighted key issues that were arising from the COVID-19 pandemic, one of which was the feeling of loneliness our patients were struggling with – as a way to improve on this, we introduced iPads onto a range of our wards so that they could contact their friends and family. We received a vast array of positive feedback as a response to this and it was heart-warming to see.

We also saw the start of our AutoPlanner project, this would continue through to the end of Summer and prove to be a big success amongst our Community Nurse cohort.


Summer rolled on, and with sunshine came a number of new developments for the team! We supported the launch of MyCOPD project, started to pilot our digital transformation projects and established our Digital Innovation Steering Group. We’ve also started networking with other Trusts as a result of this and have been able to share ideas and improve our own work with them. 


The first Autumn leaves fell and we couldn’t believe how quickly the year was moving, we started working on our N365 and EPMA projects – both of which will digitise the way we work in the future. We distributed 1528 number of laptops through our laptop hubs to upgrade staff equipment and our Information Governance Manager, Adam Rezazadeh won an award for Information Governance Human Encyclopedia in the National Health and Social Care Strategic Information Governance Network Awards 2020.


Before we knew it, Christmas was here and before we could relax over the holidays, we had a few extra things to wrap up. We’ve completed our accelerated roll out of SystmOne in to all of our Intermediate Care Units, which means the Trust-wide implementation of our EPR is finally there – a brilliant achievement! We’ve also now started working on our new Digital Strategy –consulting with patients and staff to help formulate the digital strategy and shape the future of the digital transformation programme.

We’ve started a number of dynamic projects for next year. We’ve had a fast-pace, ever-changing year and we’re so proud of everything that we’ve achieved – we’re excited to see what 2021 brings.

We’ve had such an unpredictable year but we leave 2020 with a number of brilliant achievements, as a stronger team. Thank you to everybody in the team that has worked tirelessly this year – and to our colleagues across the Trust that have been such a pleasure to work with.

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